Many adults are welcomed into the Catholic Church each year through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

The RCIA is also known as the Catechumenate, an early church term that recognises a Catechumen as a non-baptised person preparing for Baptism and initiation into the Catholic Church.

RCIA takes place within St Mark’s Parish community in a supportive environment to allow you to share in the life of the Church expressed in a local faith community. It offers a way to grow in knowledge of Christ and the Catholic faith in company with others on a similar journey.

We are shortly to begin the process for RCIA/RCIC
(Rite of Christian Initiation of the Adult/Children) at
St. Mark’s Catholic Parish, Drummoyne.

Are you someone or do you know someone who
† Has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic?
† Has a child over the age of seven who has not been baptized?
† Was baptized Catholic as a child, but has not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist?
† You may have been baptised as a child but not received the Sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation.
† You have friends or family who are baptised Catholics and you would like to know more.

If you would like to become Catholic or learn more about the Catholic faith this process is a good place to start.
At St. Mark’s Parish, we gather weekly, commencing in September this year.Over the months leading to Easter the following year the parish community will walk with you and support you as you discover God’s grace in your life. This is a gradual process of inquiry and each person’s journey is their own. While weekly gatherings suit most people, there is flexibility to meet individual needs.
What is my next step?
For more information, please contact the Parish Office on 9181 1795 or email