To attend St Mark’s Mass you MUST REGISTER.
When registering please register all attendees, including children and babies

Registration close for weekday Masses at 4:00pm the day before. For weekend Mass at 4:00pm Friday.

St Mark’s strict guidelines for attending our Church are as follows…
1.    The Archbishop has indicated the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass still stands and the very elderly, those with any symptoms, those with a compromised immune or respiratory system are asked to stay at home.

2.    The faithful can keep Sunday holy by setting aside some time for prayer at home, reading the Scriptures of the day, watching Mass online or on television, and asking God for the graces the sacrament signifies. (‘spiritual communion’).

3.    Strict conditions apply and general precautions regarding hygiene & distancing MUST be observed.

This information is collected on behalf of St Mark’s Parish in accordance with the Archdiocese’s privacy collection notice which can be found here
Thank You!