Important Information

  1. You MUST REGISTER to attend Mass. Register all attendees including children. Mass is subject to COVID restrictions. Hygiene & distancing MUST BE OBSERVED.
  2. Walk – ins may be turned away if Church is at capacity.
  3. QR Code check in registration is require when you enter the Church.
  4. MASKS are required to enter the Church.
  5. Names will be checked off at the door, to expedite this process, please  arrive at least 30 mins prior to the commencement of Mass.
  6. DO NOT MINGLE: or congregate outside the Church so as to respect social distancing and refrain from any unnecessary chatter inside the church, so that a safe and prayerful atmosphere is maintained for all.
  7. REGISTRATION CLOSES: Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon Mass at 3.00 pm the day prior. Registration closes Saturday Vigil to Monday Morning Mass at 3.00 pm Friday.
  8. The Archbishop has lifted the dispensation from our Sunday Mass obligation.
  9. PRIVACY: This information is collected on behalf of St Mark’s Parish in accordance with the Archdiocese’s privacy collection notice which can be found here
  10. Thank You!